"How Best to Approach a Children's Ministry Budget"


Dr. Andy Johnson is a children's minister who was called into ministry at quite an early age. Through his years of experience, he has come to build extensive knowledge regarding all the ins and outs of efficiently running a children's ministry program.

One of the most baffling things about managing a children's ministry is budgeting. How do you know how best to budget for the upcoming year, and how can you ensure that your budgeting decisions are solid—the best decisions you can be making?

Andy took some time to discuss some tips and techniques that can help make any children's minister comfortable when it's time to work on the budget.

Click on the play button below to learn:

• How evaluating previous years' budgets can be very helpful when planning the coming year's budget.
• How to properly compare your ministry to other ministries in your church when it comes to numbers and attendance.
• Why children's ministry is so different from other church ministries.
• Much, much more!

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