"How to Encourage Leadership Abilities in Your Team"


Nick Blevins' extensive knowledge on leadership comes from his many years serving as a children's minister. Throughout the years, he has learned through trial and error how best to lead a team of people, why certain leadership strategies work and others don't, and other leadership-related principles and information.

Being a leader in children's ministry means not only leading your students—it also means successfully leading your volunteers.

Unfortunately, not everyone is born with leadership qualities, and they may need to follow your guidance and work hard to develop them. Nick fully understands this fact and took a few minutes to talk about some methods that he uses to develop leaders to better lead volunteers.

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* The importance of regularly meeting with your leadership team.
* How important it is to meet one-on-one with each volunteer on a semi-regular basis.
* That the only way to see if a person would be a great leader is to give them a task that will give you a chance to evaluate their leadership abilities.
* That it's good to think outside the box when coming up with ways to keep in touch with your leadership team (for example, audio sent out every week or so).

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