"How To Enhance Your Ministry
With Puppets"

(7 min excerpt)


Darcie Maze has been captivating the hearts of children and adults for over 30 years using her exceptional gift of puppetry.  You might recognize Darcie (and her puppets) from her new TV show airing on TBN, "Mary Rice Hopkins & Puppets with a Heart".

DarcieIf you've ever been too intimidated to use puppets in your ministry, you're not alone!  

Luckily, Darcie was kind enough to share some fabulous tips with the Children's Ministry Academy that just might have you bringing along a puppet "assistant" to your very next Sunday School class.

Click on the play button below to learn:

  • How to easily incorporate a puppet into your ministry- no lights, stage, or ventriloquy skills required!
  • Discover Sesame Street's biggest trick!  They've been using this teaching strategy for years to help children learn their A,B,C's, it's time to put this strategy to use in our ministries.
  • How to use a Snickers bar to teach your children an important life lesson.
  • The biggest mistake youth ministry leaders make when incorporating puppets into their lessons.


Click on the play button below to listen:

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