"How to Keep Your Class Motivated and Interested in Learning"


Bernadette O'Shea has a wealth of knowledge and experience about how best to teach children. One aspect of being a successful teacher is knowing the skills and techniques that are helpful in motivating your students.

Teaching an unmotivated class can be a real downer for both the teacher and the students. As a teacher, Bernadette fully understands the importance of keeping your students motivated—and she has tons of ideas about how to successfully motivate kids.

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• How important it is to maintain a positive attitude.
• About the importance of setting realistic expectations and goals for your students.
• How displaying intense enthusiasm will help to draw your students in.
• How to use sticker charts or other visual aids to motivate your students.
• That making each student feel as though he/she "fits in" can be a great motivator.
• The appropriate praise can help to keep your students motivated and positive.
• Much, much more!

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