"Keep Your Preschoolers Having Fun & Learning God's Word with Garden Camp"

(5 min excerpt)



Brittany Sky Stanley is a fabulously creative Director of Children's Ministries at Choctaw United Methodist Church in Oklahoma.  She graduated from Oklahoma City University with a Bachelors Degree in Religious Education.

Brittany is overflowing with new and exciting ideas to inspire children.  In this clip, you'll hear about how she held a "Garden Camp" for the preschoolers at her church over the summer.  It sounds like the children had a wonderful time learning about God's role in the garden and our environment.  Get the children in your church excited about children's ministry activities early in life.  We think you'll find Brittany's enthusiasm contagious.  

Click on the play button below to learn how Brittany energized her preschoolers over the summer with "Garden Camp":


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