"Children's Ministry Safety and Security"

(5 min excerpt)



Amy Dolan is the founder of Lemon Lime Kids.  Lemon Lime Kids takes a modern approach to inspiring children to be a part of the church for a lifetime. 

Amy has an impressive resume which clearly demonstrates her commitment to the next generation.  Her background includes: Promiseland Programmer and Teacher for Willow Creek Community Church, Children's Ministry Director at The Chapel in Libertyville, IL, Head Start Teacher for at-risk preschool children, and Executive Director for Children's Ministry at the Willow Creek Association.  

In addition, she's established herself as a "student favorite" speaker at the CMA.  We were thrilled to have her join us again to discuss her take on creating a safe environment for children's ministry.  There is no doubt that security needs to be at the top of any children's ministry leader's agenda.

Click on the play button below to learn Amy's 3 step process for ensuring a secure children's ministry space:

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