"Equipping Parents to Become Disciple-Makers: The 3 "T's" "


The Children's Ministry Academy was very fortunate to sit down with Dr. Timothy Paul Jones recently to discuss strategies for equipping parents to become the primary disciple-makers in their children's lives.

After fourteen years in vocational ministry, Timothy now serves as editor of The Journal of Family Ministry and Associate Professor of Leadership and Church Ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

In this interview clip, Dr. Jones outlines his "3 T" model (Telling, Training, Time) for working with parents. Research suggests that 75% of parents have never been TOLD that they need to become the primary disciple-makers in their children's lives. For the parents who do understand their role, very few feel they have had the proper TRAINING to properly influence and educate their children. Finally, Dr. Jones suggests that churches take caution when packing their calendar with church related events. An extremely busy church calendar can sometimes mean that parents don't have enough TIME to spend focused on discipleship of their children.

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